5 Minute Crafts – Quick and Easy Hairstyles

5 Minute Crafts - Quick and Easy Hairstyles

For a quick and easy hairstyle, try this side ponytail tutorial. It’s simple but looks like a complex design. If you don’t have time for a side ponytail, try other jazzed-up options. First, grab two thin headbands and tuck or cover them. Next, tie a small ponytail around each side of your head. Don’t forget to cover the ends!

Quick side ponytail

A quick side ponytail hairstyle looks complicated but it’s really quite simple to make. Follow our quick tutorial to learn how to create one. You can also check out photos of other jazzed-up ponytails to get ideas. You can also use two thin headbands to create the hairstyle. This quick hairstyle is perfect for travel or a party. You can achieve it in five minutes.

To create this hairstyle, begin by pulling a section of your hair to the right and cross it over to the left. Then, twist and pin the pieces together. You can also use bobby pins to secure the braid edges. To make this hairstyle even easier, try watching a YouTube video. Once you have mastered this quick hairstyle, you can try adding a French braid to it.

After you have created the side ponytail, take a small section of your hair and braid it. Make sure that the section of hair under the bun is symmetrical. Next, separate the rest of your hair into two equal sections. Wrap the left strand around the right one. Repeat this step for the right side. Your quick side ponytail hairstyle is now complete! The end result is a chic, effortless hairstyle that is easy enough to wear anywhere you go.

Easy side chignon

An easy side chignon hairstyle is a simple but elegant way to show off your natural beauty. Part your hair in the middle and twist the front section. To make this hairstyle easier to wear, wrap the other side over the front section and pin it in place. This twist will prevent your hair from frizzing up and protect it from the wind. You can make this hairstyle by using only a few minutes and can achieve a gorgeous heart-shaped hairstyle.

To achieve a retro-chic side chignon, start by braiding three chunks of bangs. The left chunk should be braided under the center, the right chunk under the center. Adding the bangs helps the braid follow the curve of your head, and the sides are kept flat and smooth. Once you’ve finished braiding your hair, secure it with small elastics near the back of your ear. You can also spray it with hairspray and let the rest fall naturally around the braid. After the braid is secured, pull the short hair around the braid to make a low bun.

Easy chignon

An easy chignon hairstyle can take just a few minutes to create. You can do it with any short hairstyle, even those with thicker locks. Just two quick twists and pinning, and you’re done. This hairstyle looks great on women of all ages. If you’re not sure where to start, check out these videos from Brit + Co, where they show you how to go from flat to wave in 10 minutes. They also teach you how to make a classic French twist.

The second step involves turning your ponytail into a half-bun. The idea is to braid the under-bun section. Your braid should be long enough to wrap around the half-bun. This simple hairstyle will take less than five minutes to create and can be worn with almost any outfit. Try it out and see what you think! This simple hairstyle will make you feel glamorous in just a few minutes.

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