Hairstyle Inspiration – Janet Jackson’s Poetic Justice

Hairstyle Inspiration - Janet Jackson's Poetic Justice

If you’re looking for a simple yet unique hairstyle for a night out on the town, try a braided short bob. You can accent it with bright colors and beads to make it unique. You can also create a side bang by pulling out wavy braids near your hairline and tying them into a high ponytail. Platinum is a gorgeous shade, especially on dark skin, and looks great on braids with extra long ends. To create a high half-ponytail, try using Poetic Justice braids.

Dye your hair all purple

In the 1993 romantic drama, “Poetic Justice,” Janet Jackson dyes her hair all purple, and it’s as if the movie is meant to capture her personality. The film stars Tupac, Janet Jackson, and Singleton. The story centers on a young widow, Justice, who works at a quirky hair salon. The film also features a young African-American man named Lucky. Justice is an excellent singer and hairdresser. She met Lucky while working in a postal mail truck, and they begin a relationship that blossoms into something more.

Poetic justice braids look especially beautiful when tied into a high ponytail. Janet Jackson’s hairstyle looks great with purple or other colors, as well. To create a similar look, tie your hair in a braid, knotted at the base and pulled out toward the hairline. Platinum is a beautiful shade for dark skin, and looks great on extra-long braids with loose wavy ends. You can also create a high half ponytail with Poetic Justice braids.

If you’d like to try a different color, try a box braid. It’s a stylish and fuss-free way to wear your hair until you change your style. Box braids are easy to pull off on both frizzy and non-frizzy hair. You can tie a scarf around your head and moisturize your hair to make it last longer. If you’re prone to frizz, you can try this hairstyle to avoid frizz and maintain your new color.

Dye your hair all green

“Poetic Justice” is a 1993 romantic drama film directed and written by John Singleton. The film follows a young hairdresser named Justice, who falls in love with rapper Tupac Shakur. Justice was an excellent singer, and she also happens to be a great hairdresser. When she meets Lucky (Tupac), she’s immediately taken by him. Previously, box braids were her go-to hairstyle.

This look is reminiscent of the iconic Poetic Justice braid, but it’s actually much simpler than it sounds. You can dye your hair different shades of green to achieve the same effect. You can also get as close to your natural shade as possible, but remember to keep your tresses as smooth and light as possible. Janet Jackson’s hairstyle is one of the most popular hairstyles of all time, and you can copy it with the same results!

Once you’ve mastered the art of a great braid, you can try your hand at one of the Poetic Justice looks. Those braids are perfect for removing excess chemicals. Afterwards, rinse your braids with a solution of white wine vinegar and hot water. You can even use the same technique to make a luscious green color. The end result is a look that’s elegant and edgy.

If you want to make your own Poetic Justice braids, you can do it yourself. Just be sure to experiment with different tension levels for the braids to look the way you want them to. If you are afraid of having a voluminous green hairstyle, you can use a smaller braid or even a smaller braid for a low ponytail. However, keep in mind that green hair isn’t for everyone, but it’s stunning!

Dye your hair all janet jackson poetic justice

One of the most memorable styles Janet Jackson sported was her Poetic Justice braids. Her locks were dyed all different shades and piled high on her head. For this look, she used a tea tree shampoo to clarify her hair. Then, she used IC Fantasia Tea Tree Shampoo and Conditioner to deep condition and moisturize her locks. She also wore a white headscarf for the look.

“Poetic Justice” was a 1993 romantic drama movie starring Tupac Shakur and Janet Jackson. The movie grossed $27 million worldwide, and Janet’s braids have been making a comeback. Since then, this style has become a popular choice for African American musicians. Once known as “box braids,” these braids are now becoming the ultimate trend in hairstyles.

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