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Oily hair doesn’t have to mean you should give up on your favorite hairstyle. You can still look chic with French braids, spiky buns, and ponytails! In this article we’ll discuss what hairstyles are suitable for oily hair, as well as some tips and tricks for styling it. Read on to discover some great looks to try. You can also read about French braids and curly hairstyles.

French braids

If your hair is oily, you can still get the best look with French braids. You need to keep the braids in overnight to avoid oily flyaways and frizz the next morning. Wash your braids about every two weeks, or whenever you feel they are getting dirty or become overly oily. If you have an oily scalp, you may want to wash them more often. A dense-bristled brush will keep your hair from being weighed down with oil.

To begin the French braid, separate the hair into three sections. Start at the top of your head and braid each section in a stitch. Then, take the outer strand and fold it over the middle strand. Continue braiding the rest of the way down, and secure it with a hair elastic. To make the braid look more voluminous, you may want to loosen the braid slightly. To do this, you’ll need to make 3 small sections, each about four inches long.

After you’ve braided one section of hair, braid the remaining hair. Make sure to use the same braid technique every time. This will make it easier to manage your hair. If your hair is oily, try using an extra strand of hair each time. This will keep your hair from tangling and looking greasy and unkempt. It is also helpful to wear a hair tie if your hair is too oily to braid.

Spiky buns

If you’ve got oily hair, you don’t have to give up the top knot. You can still sport a high top knot, which is a great style for oily hair. The key is to make sure that you use enough bobby pins to secure it, otherwise it may topple. You can also opt for a Dutch braid, which hides greasy roots better. You can find instructions on how to do a Dutch braid on Style Craze. You can also try a 90s style spiky bun. This style is perfect for medium to long hair, so it’s best to straighten it first. You can find a tutorial on Glamour’s website.

Using a volumizing hair mist can give your messy bun a boost. It adds support to the roots, leaving your locks soft and shiny. Excess oil also weighs hair down, making it more noticeable. To avoid this, use dry shampoo, which absorbs excess oil and makes hair appear voluminous. Try applying it before applying your hair spray. While it may seem counterintuitive, it will give your messy bun extra volume.

Curly hairstyles

If your hair is greasy or oily, it can make it difficult to achieve the curly hairstyle you desire. To manage oily hair, it’s best to use a dry shampoo to absorb excess oil. While this may sound like an unnecessary step, it can actually have a positive impact on your hair’s appearance. It will also prevent it from becoming greasy. It can also help you maintain the volume of your curls.

After shampooing, use a leave-in conditioner that is hydrating. It is also essential to make sure that the conditioner is gentle on your hair. You can use a moisturizing leave-in conditioner, such as Black Vanilla Moisture & Shine Leave-in Conditioner. This product contains glycerin and pro-vitamin B5.

Another great option for oily hair is a low ponytail. This hairstyle is ideal for those who work out frequently or those who want to keep their hair out of the way. You can tie the hair in a low bun and secure it with a bobby pin or hairspray. This hairstyle will hide greasy roots and can be worn at work or a glam event.


A ponytail is an excellent way to keep hair out of your face and out of your neck, but it can also make your tresses extra greasy. Your hair is more likely to get stuck to your scalp if it is pulled back into a ponytail. Instead, let it sit down for a bit and avoid the ponytail when your hair is oily. Below are some other options for keeping your hair from becoming overly greasy.

One of the most versatile styles, ponytails can be worn to work or to a glam event. Because they are so versatile, they can be worn to gym sessions, office meetings, and even a date. This hairstyle can hide oily roots and is great for both work and play. For even more versatility, you can wear it for a formal event or for a glam outing.

Slicked back hair is another great style to try. While most people think of a ponytail for a night out, it can also be worn as a daily style for the office or a night out with your girlfriends. Try a slick back look with your favorite loose-hold pomade. Just be sure to brush through your hair afterwards, as this style will show up as little lines. Alternatively, try a bubble braid. These are fun and give you a Princess Jasmine vibe. You can use fabric or hair ties to create them.

Baby braids

While baby braids can be fun for moms, many moms do not know if they are good for their little one’s delicate scalp. Babies should be supervised when they are braiding their hair, and trichologists recommend waiting until the baby is at least 6 months old before using baby braids. Depending on the hair follicles of the baby, hair growth may begin as soon as six months or as late as several years.

To create a baby braid look, you first need to condition your hair. The best way to do this is with scalp oil or serum. Using either of these products will give your braids a fresh salon vibe. To lay the baby hairs evenly, use a small brush to comb through the entire length of your hair. This method will also help keep the braids from tangling and pulling. If your hair is oily, you should use a hair oil that contains SPF 30.

To make the braids even more appealing, you can use a larger bow and change up your part to hide the roots. You can use this style to add volume and style your hair at any time of day, and it’s also a practical and easy way to style your hair. To create a top tier braid, you’ll need to use a rat-tail comb and non-flaky gel formula.

Textured wavy hairstyles

If your hair is greasy and you want to hide it, a textured wavy hairstyle is the best option. This look is easy to achieve by applying a wave spray and letting your hair air dry. This will also help reactivate the oils in your hair. Alternatively, you can curl your hair with a curling iron for loose waves. A textured wavy hairstyle will help cover up greasy roots.

To create the perfect waves, you should first make sure that your hair is moisturized. This is especially important for wavy hair since it needs moisture to create the most voluminous waves. Make sure that you use a lightweight product so that it will not weigh down your hair. Make sure to use warm water when showering because hot water may damage your wavy hairstyle. Also, warm water will help open the cuticle while cool water will close it.

Once you’ve conditioned your hair, you can style it to suit your mood. If you have oily hair, you should use a brush with a dense bristle. You can also use a comb to highlight particular groupings of hair. French braids are one of the most classic hairstyles, and they are great for oily hair. However, it is important to keep braids in your hair as they will allow the roots to maintain their oils.

Face-framing baby braids

Baby braids are a popular hairstyle that can be worn with any style. It reminds many of the ’90s, and is a great choice for oily hair. They are a trend that is gaining in popularity thanks to recent trends in retro aesthetics. You can even wear them with your 2004 make-up. Face-framing baby braids are easy to maintain and can be a great way to hide oily fringe.

To keep your baby braids looking perfect, make sure you apply a product to protect them. You may also want to consider applying a pomade to your hair. Pomade will help protect your braids from tangles. This product also prevents baby braids from becoming oily. It also helps keep your braids in place. You can also style your baby braids in various ways to create a chic look.

If you don’t have enough time to work with your braids, you can use a hair brush to create a simple style that frames your face. To create a beautiful look, braids are the best way to frame your face. It gives a girl an interesting, polished look. And if your baby’s hair is naturally oily, you can opt for a different style that has a longer braid.

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