Hairstyle Without a Beard and Mustache

Hairstyle Without a Beard and Mustache

Having a long hairstyle without a beard and mustache can be difficult to pull off, but it has its benefits. The first is that the face will look clean shaven, which contrasts well with a full style on the scalp. However, the downside is that maintaining a long style requires more work. The long hairstyle will require increased maintenance, but it’s definitely a stylish look.

Side-shave hairstyles

Men with wide foreheads can opt for side-shave hairstyles without a beard and mustache. It is best to use hair gel and keep the sides shaved. It will add height to the hairstyle while enhancing the style of the beard. For this style, men with thick wavy hair should use hair gel or a comb. These hairstyles will help you to look elegant, but you should keep in mind that it requires a little bit of work.

A side-shaved hairstyle is a great way to achieve a’man bun’ look without sacrificing the look of your beard. This cut is simple and clean, which will be a great choice for stylish men. It can be layered or left loose to emphasize the top hairstyle. Side-shave hairstyles are the perfect solution for men who want to look smart and stylish while maintaining a clean look.

Men who are not afraid of experimenting with their hair will love this style. This style resembles a fade cut with a shaved side. The area above the ear should be shaved uniformly. The area immediately above the shaved area should be faded to match the shaved portion. If you have dark hair, you can opt for this look, but make sure you commit to the style before going in for it.

This style will work well with all kinds of clothing. It gives you a tough nerd or smart guy look. This style will also emphasize your hairline. It is an easy way to make your hairline appear more prominent. If you want to add some height to your hairstyle, you can also use clippers to create an edge over your hairline. Just make sure you use clippers when doing this style.


Ponytails are a great way to show off your facial hair, without sacrificing your mustache and beard. While it’s possible to ponytail facial hair with a short beard, a longer beard will look better. Choose a style with four to five inches of facial hair for a dashing look. To maintain a clean ponytail, wash your beard regularly with a beard wash and conditioner and dry it completely afterward.

A short ponytail works well with shoulder-length hair. Simply group some of the hair and tie it into a small tuft on the back of the head. It’s a mid-length style that’s short enough to draw attention but not too long that it’s obnoxious. Short ponytails also look great with non-bearded men. If you’d rather go for a longer hairstyle, consider a ponytail that’s more messy.

A ponytail will not damage your beard, but it’s important to make sure you’re using the right accessories. Using metal accessories while doing a ponytail can cause damage to the hair. Metal accessories can tear the hair strands, and they can also damage your beard. Stick with rubber bands if you’re worried about ripping your beard off. If you’re not sure about whether a ponytail is right for you, try this hairstyle – it’s popular with both men and women!

A man’s ponytail is a simple way to showcase his wavy texture. A classic three-strand braid is a versatile hairstyle that doesn’t require much styling. You can even add accent braids to a basic ponytail to dress it up. A man can get away with a low loose ponytail if he wants to go low-key. And don’t forget to use a cleansing shampoo like Dove Men + Care Charcoal and Clay Purifying Shampoo to keep his scalp clean.


A goatee is a hairstyle that is devoid of a beard and mustache. The name comes from the Greek deity Pan, who was half goat and half man. Early renderings of Pan had a goat head, but later versions developed more human characteristics. This is a great way to show a man’s unique personality without sacrificing his facial features. But what should you avoid when cutting your goatee?

There are two main types of goatees. The first one is called the Van Dyke style. This style is often narrow, oval, and handlebar. It is often confused with the French Beard, as the latter has more mustache than beard. A Van Dyke goatee also features sideburns. It is a great choice for a man with a square face, but can look great on a round face, too.

A disconnected goatee is another variation of the classic goatee. It is similar to a circle goatee, except that the goatee is not connected to the mustache. This goatee is the easiest to grow, and it can be a wide or narrow style. If you are considering a goatee, keep in mind that you can choose between a thin or full beard, too.

Unlike the traditional mustache and beard styles, goatees don’t require much maintenance. They are often blonded to create a cooler look, and you can even dye your goatee to match your hair. Goatees are popular and widely worn by men. However, if you’re worried about the look of a goatee, it is best to use an after-shave product.

Slicked pompadours

Slicked pompadours are very subtle and work well with any face shape. This is a very short hairstyle that adds an element of style to a man’s look. The layered texture is achieved with a comb or fingers. A goatee on the chin also looks good. It adds a sense of prominence to the chin. A goatee can also work for men with patchy cheek hair. To avoid looking too sexy with this style, you may want to consider shaving the hair on the cheeks.

There are many different styles for this hairstyle. It can be worn with a beard or without one. Beards are very popular in this look because they add a manly edge to the hairstyle. Here are some examples of slicked pompadours. Just remember to match the beard style with the hairstyle. There are plenty of options for this hairstyle, but the key is to experiment with it and find one that looks right on you.

This style is perfect for a costume party and works well with any type of hair type. A medium length textured comb over the hair is the best option for this style, because it doesn’t require too much sweeping. You can leave some of the hair to fall down the face, and it’s perfect for a costume party or a fancy evening out. For an extra-special occasion, try a golden brown color and make the sides a little shorter.

A white-blonde pompadour is also a great way to achieve a dashing look. With its faded nape and temples, it’s the perfect choice for guys over 40. You’ll feel dashing and sexy with this hairstyle. So try it out and have fun! You’ll be glad you did! And don’t forget to wear a beard and mustache!


The ducktails hairstyle does not require a beard or mustache. The lower part of the beard should be kept short and the upper portion of the mustache or beard should be trimmed shorter. The length of the beard depends on the chin. The ducktail style is ideal for rectangular faces as it softens the sharp angles. Here are some tips for achieving the right length and shape of the beard.

The ducktail style has long been popular among men with high-skinned faces. It softens the facial features and blends in well with face shapes. A classic ducktail beard with a diamond face shape demonstrates the definition of the term “Impeccable.”

The ducktail style works well for older men who want to maintain a stylish look. It complements a full beard and adds style and class to the look. Moreover, men with long hair and a beard can go for a short version of this style. Moreover, the undercut ducktails hairstyle does not require a mustache and beard. Moreover, the long chin hair also helps create the illusion of a longer face.

The ducktail beard style is a popular bearded style among men. It resembles a pointed duck tail and is usually worn two to four inches long. It goes well with Viking beards, which are full and thick and come in many shapes. Despite their uniqueness, the ducktail beard is a versatile style that flatters most faces. However, it requires some care and grooming.

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