Hairstyles That a 47 Year Old Woman Rocks

Hairstyles That a 47 Year Old Woman Rocks

If you want to have celebrity-style hair, but are too old for a wavy updo, then there are a few options to consider. Here are four hairstyles that celebrities of all ages rock. Take a look at them to get inspired. Also, check out the hairstyles of Tilda Swinton, Kate Beckinsale, and Michelle Phiefer.

Michelle Phiefer’s hairstyle

The 1947 year old woman’s hairstyle is one of the most recognizable looks of all time. Michelle Pfeiffer has been rocking her hair in a messier style for many years. The actress transformed from a sleek bob to long, tousled waves. The actress also wore a long white cane for added glamour. She looked absolutely stunning with the hairstyle.

Whether it is her long blonde locks, her blue eyes or perfectly defined cheekbones, Michelle Pfeiffer is a sight to behold. The 47-year-old actress has been in the show business for over four decades. And while she might be the most beautiful woman of our generation, it hasn’t stopped her from winning countless awards. Here are some of her most iconic looks:

Tilda Swinton’s hairstyle

Tilda Swinton’s platinum cropped hair is her signature look. The actress’s distinctive presence, which is accentuated by her deep orange Towie tan and sooty vamp eyes, makes her look distinctly eccentric. While she is often pictured with her hair long and streaked, others have argued that a shorter version of her look would suit her better.

Short bob hairstyles are very versatile and can work for all types of women. Helen Reavey, founder of vegan haircare line Act+Acre, suggests a shorter bold style that frames the face and gives the hair a voluminous top. Thin hair can be trimmed to add volume and movement. However, if the hair is too short for this style, she recommends a layered bob.

Courteney Cox’s hairstyle

Courteney Cox’s hairstyle has definitely changed over the years. The former Friends actress first sported a short bob when she was 30. However, her look has become more mature since she reverted to her original black hair colour in 2005. Her hairstyle frames her face beautifully and frames her eyes. Despite the fact that she has aged, Cox still looks stunning at 47. The only difference between her younger look and her current hairstyle is that she still looks stunning.

Cox has also changed her hairstyle since Scream 3 to give a tribute to her character Gale Weathers. She now has short bangs and has shared a video of herself cutting in her fringe last Halloween. Cox and Arquette first met on the set of Scream, and they married in 1999. Cox is currently dating Johnny McDaid. David Arquette and Courteney Cox divorced in 2012.

Kate Beckinsale’s hairstyle

One of the most admired actors of our generation is Kate Beckinsale, and she is known for her shiny brunette locks that never seem to fall out of place. However, for her role in Jolt, she has decided to change up her look. She has ditched her signature long, wavy tresses and gone for a short, shaggy bob. When she took to Instagram to share her new look, she got tons of comments and likes.

Kate Beckinsale’s hair has been a popular style for the actress since the early 2000s. Her signature voluminous bob was first seen on the actress when she was very young. Her wavy hair was highlighted with red streaks. However, in 2008, she went for a bohemian updo to attend the MTV Movie Awards. In 2010, Kate Beckinsale showcased her wavy brown locks at the Cannes Film Festival.

Uma Thurman’s hairstyle

While you can’t copy Uma Thurman’s updo, you can copy the look that she’s rocking. The 47 year old actress wore her hair in a classy updo, and her hairstyle looked great with her neutral make-up. She also wore a diamond-encrusted choker and gold tie-inspired necklace. The star looked gorgeous, and appeared to be in good spirits!

Uma Thurman is a woman of many talents. She was born on April 29, 1970, in Boston. On May 13, she gave the keynote address at the Room to Grow annual benefit for disabled children. Her hairstyle and dress were a perfect match for the occasion. The actress’s hairstyle is perfect for her award-winning performance. Her long black hair is a great choice for the role.

Julia Roberts’ hairstyle

The actress is turning 47 years old and has had some great award season moments, including her nomination for Best Actress at the Golden Globes for August: Osage County. Her role in The Normal Heart also earned her a nomination for Outstanding Supporting Actress on the Emmys. This year, Julia Roberts has gone back to her iconic blonde hair. You can see Julia Roberts’ most recent hairstyle on the cover of InStyle magazine.

The actress has had many different hairstyles over the years, including a blond bob and voluminous red curls. The actress has also worn flamingo pink braids and a blond bob. Interestingly, Roberts revealed her natural hair color on Late Night with David Letterman back in 1989, when she was explaining why she had to dye her hair for her first film.

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