How Juvia Changed Her Hairstyle to Short Hair

How Juvia Changed Her Hairstyle to Short Hair

Juvia changed her hairstyle to short hair. See why she made the switch. Here are some cute hairstyles you can try if you have short hair. Double shell, Shattered bob, and Sharp pixie with Angled Undercut are all simple and cute options. You can also try out a Dutch braid. No matter what your hair length is, you’re sure to find a hairstyle that suits your face shape.

Juvia changed her hairstyle to short hair

During the series, Juvia changes her appearance numerous times, going from long to short. She first had long hair, but changed it once she met fairy tail. She continues to change her hairstyle back and forth throughout the series, gaining and losing length and curls. In addition, her hairstyle is often stylized by adding light-colored butterfly clips to her tresses. This change is particularly noticeable during the first half of the series.

Shattered bob

The shattered bob is one of the most popular short hairstyles today, and is particularly flattering on fine hair. This cut is best left to a hairdresser, and the front ends should be left longer than the back, fraying and slightly stepping below the jaw line. Short shattered bobs are particularly flattering on curly or wavy hair, and will frame your face to perfection.

For those with straight or wavy tresses, the shattered bob will give your hair a great shape and add dimension. It’s an ideal style for work or after-work gatherings. A red shattered bob can add volume to your look, and you can even use pieces of curly hair to lift the style. A short choppy bob with flipped ends always looks stunning on all face shapes.

Double shell

Initially, “Shell” was used for evening wear only, but now it is mostly used for solemn or festive occasions. The effect of this style is to open the neck, shoulders, and silhouette. The technique is best performed on strands with straight edges to emphasize the smoothness of lines. But this style is also suitable for short, wavy, and curly hair. The procedure is easy, but it requires some practice and patience.

For beginners, the shell hairstyle can be made in five to ten minutes. Also known as a spiral, it is performed in one of two ways: by applying mousse or foam to damp hair, and then drying it. The hair is then tied in a ponytail at the back of the head. Long curls can be secured with elastic bands. But if your hair is too long, you can use hairpins to secure the curls.

Sharp pixie with Angled Undercut

The Sharp pixie with Angled Undercut is a great haircut for short hair that is edgy and feminine at the same time. It looks great with short or long hair, and flatters almost every face shape. This short hairstyle has many layers, so it is easy to style and maintain. Unlike a blunt haircut, you do not have to worry about making it look perfect.

This pixie cut is a little different from the typical crop haircut. Because it has more length around the crown, it creates a more rounded face. This style also gives you more length to play with color and texture. You can wear your hair in a variety of ways with the disconnected layers and angled bangs. This hairstyle is also flattering for blonde or brown hair, but not for all women.

Feathered hairstyle

Among the most popular hairstyles for short hair, the feathered haircut can be worn with almost any outfit. A woman can use this look for date nights and everyday casual wear. She can wear her hair in various ways, ranging from a feathered fringe to short layers. This hairstyle looks great on women of all ages and face shapes. If you’re considering trying out this hairstyle, make sure you don’t have long hair.

If you want to add a bit of structure to your short locks, consider adding feathers. This style will give you a bouncy, yet polished look. It will complement both thick and thin hair and will look gorgeous on any woman. For an extra touch of class, consider feathering your bangs with wavy hair. A feathered bob will give you a touch of uniqueness that will stand out in the crowd.

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