How to Hairstyle Natural Hair

How to Hairstyle Natural Hair

When it comes to a simple natural hairstyle, twists and braids are the most common. These styles require the same steps, but are secured with a small elastic band. Sandy prefers to wear her hair in braids. Wash and go styles are another common option. Sandy uses a small elastic band to secure the braids in her hair. Sandy has natural hair, so she knows how to make them look pretty.

Mini twists

Regardless of whether you’ve been dreaming of a short, wavy tresses, or a long tresses, mini twists are an easy way to achieve a stylish and protective hairstyle. These low-manipulation styles are perfect for women who are busy at work or on the go. In addition to their versatility, mini twists are easy to maintain and can last for up to four weeks without matting.

To keep your mini twists fresh, you’ll want to wash your hair daily, in sections. Use the pads of your fingers to gently detangle the strands. Rinse well, and leave the twists in an up-do while you’re at it to avoid friction. You can use a mini-twist spray bottle to moisturize and seal in moisture. After washing, you can mist your mini twists with water daily.

Mini twists are a great protective style because they protect individual strands, which means that your tresses stay hydrated for longer periods of time. Mini twists can be worn on all kinds of hair, from afro to straight. They also look great on both wavy and curly hair and can last for several weeks with little maintenance. And because they are so easy to do, you can start today!

Pigtail cornrows

Pigtail cornrows are a versatile way to wear your natural hair. They are a great way to keep your hair out of your face while highlighting your face and your features. To make your style more impressive, you can also add mini braids to your cornrows. You can create a statement with a middle part or a multicolored cornrow sectioned horizontally. The symmetry is breathtaking!

If you have a bob cut, you might want to consider this sexy, stylish hairstyle. The twisted cornrows make the hair look like it’s in a bob cut. These pigtail cornrows look fabulous when you wear them horizontally. This updo is perfect for a night out with friends. Pigtails are a great way to accessorize any look and can be worn with or without dreadlocks.

Pigtail cornrows can add a bohemian look to any look. The singer, Janelle Monae, wears a bouffant style with colorful cornrows and white extensions. The style looks fabulous with her diamond earrings, high heels and long tiara. If you want to add a bit of bohemian flair to your look, try combining your cornrows into one low bun.

Flat twists

Flat twists are a versatile style, and work best on natural hair. To do a flat twist, moisturise the hair first and then cut it into sections. Start twisting from the hair closest to the part, working down to the length of the hair. To add some flare, dye the hair a contrasting color and add a pompadour. This style is easy to achieve and looks great on short hair.

You can achieve many looks with flat twists. These styles are versatile and can be worn to work, or even all day in meetings. Some people love to wear their flat twists with a color like marsala, which was the color of the season a couple of seasons ago. This hairstyle works well with light-colored eyes and skin tones. But make sure to follow these tips to avoid tangling and split ends.

To wear flat twists in the day, you can tie them into a ponytail. It’s an easy protective style that won’t require much hair styling products. You can also wear them in an updo or deep side part. For special occasions, you can wear them up with a headband or scarf. The possibilities are endless! If you’re worried about your hair falling out, try the pineapple updo, which minimizes frizz. Alternatively, you can choose a low bun to wear to work. You can also apply moisture to flat twists before bed.


If you have long, thick, or curly hair, flexi-rod curling can help you achieve a polished, wavy style. Just be sure to use a blow dryer to set the style. If you have coarse or thick natural hair, you can blow-dry it before installing the flexi-rods to help create nice curls. However, if you have short, straight, or fine hair, you can simply leave the flexi-rods in overnight.

To get the most out of your flexi-rod curls, use a water-based styling product. This can be a mousse, gel, or foaming lotion. The latter will act as a sealant and moisturize your tresses. Carol’s Daughter’s Nourishing Hair Milk Styling Foam is a great example of a water-based product that’s perfect for using with a flexi-rod set. You can also try the Eco Styler Gel or the Karen’s Body Beautiful Hydrating Cream. A leave-in conditioner will help keep your tresses moisturized as well.

To use flexi-rods correctly, first condition and stretch your hair. Make sure you have thoroughly shampooed, deep conditioned, and stretched your tresses before applying the flexi-rods. This will ensure that your curls are defined and lasting for a long time. If you’re looking to create a tighter style, you can finger-comb the sections to give them a bit of volume.

Half cornrows

A popular protective style, half cornrows are a versatile and protective style for natural or relaxed hair. They do not require daily styling and last from two to eight weeks. These cornrows can be easily styled to create elegant updos, zig-zags, ponytails, and a multitude of other looks. These hairstyles are often favored by celebrities and have been worn by many of them.

Another way to style cornrows is to create box braids with the cornrows in the front. These are a versatile, chic, and unique base style. You can also try using different hair accessories to customize the look. For example, you can add hair clips or a hair bow for an even more stylish look. Another popular hairstyle that combines cornrows with box braids is a half-updo with cornrows on top.

The next step is to French braid a section of hair. Start with the middle section and then move to the next row. The braid should be secured with a hair band. Continue braiding the sections until you reach the nape of the neck. Use elastic hair bands to secure the braids. Once you’ve completed the braids, you can tie them off with an elastic band. They are very easy to wear and will give you a chic look every day.


You’ll find the cornrow hairstyle to be very easy to achieve. This protective style is perfect for mornings when you’re ready to head out to the gym. You can use it for any occasion and it is easy to style. However, it is important that you do not make them too tight, otherwise they will break the roots. You can upgrade cornrows by braiding them. You can create a thicker style with a box braid. This protective style is easy to do and will keep your hair in place for a long time.

When wearing cornrows, make sure to wash your hair regularly. Always use a mild shampoo. Never use shampoo that contains harsh chemicals. Instead, opt for an all-natural brand. You can use conditioners made for natural hair that will not strip it of moisture. Also, it’s important to keep your scalp moisturized. Cornrows can be a very chic and colorful hairstyle. Depending on your personal preferences, you can choose the style that looks best on you.


If you have natural hair, you may be wondering how to braid it. The key to braiding is to make sure that you only use a small portion of your hair per braid. Using more hair per section will make your braids snap. You can also braid your hair into a bun using the twisting method. The following is a step-by-step guide to braiding natural hair. It is important to follow the instructions carefully to avoid snapping your hair.

The first step in braiding your natural hair is detangling it. You can detangle your hair using your fingers, but a detangling brush is recommended. These brushes are great for removing knots without breaking your hair. You can use them with water or a leave-in conditioner and natural oil mixture. These tools will help you braid your hair properly. Lastly, make sure to apply hair oil to prevent breakage and keep it moisturized.

Twist outs

One of the most popular styles for natural hair is the twist out. It’s versatile and protective, and can be adapted to match the curl pattern of the wearer’s hair. It doesn’t require any braiding skills and can be worn on any length. Simply twist your hair in two directions while it’s damp. Once it’s dry, untwist it to reveal beautiful spirals. This style is ideal for both short and long hair, and is versatile enough to work with at any stage of your journey.

For the best result, you should wait for your twists to dry before undoing them. This can take hours, so be sure to allow plenty of time for your hair to dry completely. If you’re wearing a twist out during the day, you can use a scarf or a hair tie to hide it from the sun. But remember not to sleep with your hair in it overnight. This can cause friction, which can damage the strands.

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