Stranger Things: Will Byers’ Hairstyle, His Buzz Cut, And Noah Schnapp’s Shaved Head

Stranger Things: Will Byers' Hairstyle, His Buzz Cut, And Noah Schnapp's Shaved Head

In the new Netflix comedy “Stranger Things,” Will Byers gets a bowl cut and Eleven gets a buzz cut, but one character has a haircut that is harder to kill than a demogorgon. Here, we take a look at Will Byers’ hairstyle, his buzz cut, and Noah Schnapp’s shaved head. This hairstyle is so controversial, it’s hard to believe that a fictional character got it.

Will Byers’ bowl cut

There are several reasons why Will Byers’ bowl cut should be kept. The first season of the show introduced the Demogorgon and the Upside Down, and it introduced the bowl cut. But, what’s worse is that it hasn’t changed much since then, and it’s actually becoming more unflattering with each passing season. But, luckily for fans, the bowl cut is sticking around for Stranger Things Season 4.

Will Byers also had the ability to use firearms, and likely learned these from his father. But whether he learned them from him or from someone else is still unknown. Another skill he possessed was knowing Morse Code, and he used it to signal the Mind Flayer’s weak points in “The Mind Flayer.”

Eleven’s shaved head

Millie Bobby Brown has a shaved head in the latest season of Stranger Things. The hairstyle was first seen in season one, when Eleven was rescued from the Hawkins Lab. When she came back to Hawkins, Eleven had her head shaved again. In the upcoming season, the hairstyle is more realistic. Here are some tips to recreate Millie Bobby Brown’s look.

First, we have to explain the reason behind Eleven’s shaved head. The show’s creators wanted to test Eleven’s special powers, and they shaved her head to monitor her brain activity. For this, the actress wore head gear and cords during the trials. Eleven’s head hairstyle was a part of that process. During filming, the hair team was told to move quickly, so the show would be ready to shoot the season.

Will Schnapp’s buzz cut

Noah Schnapp has asked for a buzz cut for Will Byers on several occasions during the course of the show’s fourth season. But the show’s co-creators have insisted that his character stay true to the 1980s style of hair. The buzz cut, while a little retro, still has an edge, especially when it comes to Will’s personality and attitude. The buzz cut is also a good way to keep the character’s personality in the forefront.

Fans have also reacted to the buzz cut in the comments. The buzz cut, which has made Schnapp look like a 30-year-old, is a great way to transform Will into a more mature character. He’s also been transforming into Eleven for Halloween, a popular costume in 2018.

Noah Schnapp’s shaved head

The actor Noah Schnapp revealed in an interview that he hates the haircut he has on his character Will Byers on Netflix’s hit show Stranger Things. In the first season of the show, he sported a bowl cut as did Millie Bobby Brown and Eleven. However, he was not accepted. So, we’ll have to deal with the hairstyle for the time being.

Fortunately for fans of the show, the cast of Season 4 have already shown their enthusiasm for the show’s upcoming fourth season. Despite their lack of experience with the genre, fans can look forward to an exciting ride with the cast. While fans are eager to see more of Noah Schnapp, the show’s shaved head and new appearance will make viewers curious about his character.

Eleven’s wig

Fans of the Netflix series are curious about how Millie Bobby Brown got her hair in Stranger Things. The actress didn’t cut her hair in real life, so her new wig had to be custom-made by hairstylist Sarah Hindsgaul. The show’s production team worked hard to make sure the wig fit Brown’s head perfectly. The hairstylist even flew in a wigmaker to help create the new look.

The hair on Millie Bobby Brown’s head was originally a bright blonde color, but in the second season, it is beachy and tousled, and Eleven looks like she’s just been washed her hair. The wig was designed by Noah Schnapp and was based on a hat that he bought in an antique store. The wig isn’t too long, and it covers most of her face.

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