What Hairstyle Will Suit Me?

What Hairstyle Will Suit Me?

Whether a hairstyle will suit you depends on your face shape. Here’s how to determine what will suit your shape: Round, heart-shaped, or rectangular. Also, learn how to determine the angle of your jawline. Your face shape should be in proportion to your jawline. Using the 2.25-inch rule, you can determine what kind of haircut is right for you. For example, if your jawline is 2.25 inches longer than your chin, your hairstyle should be more narrow than your jawline.

Face shape determines whether a hairstyle suits you

If you’re confused about what hairstyle will suit you best, you’re not alone. There are dozens of hairstyles to choose from and each one will look different on different faces. You can also ask your stylist about the best look for your face shape. Face shape is a very important factor when choosing a new hairstyle. Face shapes are also called round, square, heart, inverted triangle, diamond, and rectangular.

The best hairstyle for oval faces is a long, sleek and wavy style. It will add volume, but not height. A long, wavy fringe will add width and volume. A blunt cut is also not recommended for this face shape. Some examples of hairstyles that look great on this shape include those worn by international celebrities, such as Kate Middleton and Sonam Kapoor.

Round, heart-shaped, or rectangular face shape

A round, heart-shaped, or rectangular face shape looks great with a short or medium-length bob. The pixie can be difficult to pull off, but this style works perfectly for people with heart-shaped faces. A pixie will make square faces look even more square and long faces appear oblong. However, it’s important to consider the shape of your face before deciding on a pixie.

A heart-shaped face requires a hairstyle that emphasizes the cheekbones. A textured lob or a face-framing layered bob will look beautiful on a heart-shaped face. A side-swept bob will also work. Lastly, a long side bang will emphasize your cheekbones and add definition to your chin. A heart-shaped face is not a good candidate for a zig-zag style.

Oval face shape

An oval face is a flattering shape that works well with long, flowing hair. You can try an angled side part and a blunt bob cut. Then, add copper highlights for an airy look. And finally, finish off the look with a wide smile! An oval face is also flattering with all kinds of curls and waves. You can even go for long, wavy hair.

An oval face is typically longer than it is wide, with a soft jaw and prominent cheekbones. You can try almost any classic style on this face shape, but there are some hairstyles that are specifically designed for this face shape. Here are some of the best options for oval-shaped hair. A tousled crop is a great choice. If you’re not sure which style to choose, try an angled bob with bangs.

Square face shape

Having a square face can be flattering but it is important to know how to style your hair to enhance this shape. Straight hairstyles that follow the shape of your cheeks will help to elongate your face, while short, layered styles will help to cover the corners of your jaw. Asymmetrical bobs and long styles with long sides will also flatter a square face. This is a perfect choice for those with thin hair and a square face.

If your hair is long enough, a ponytail will enhance your square face. A side parted bang will add volume to the top portion of your head. This style will enhance your wide square jaw. Try to wear your hair just above your eyebrows. If you are over 30, side parted bangs will look best on you. A side parted style is the easiest hairstyle for a square face. This style is great for all occasions and will look great with all types of dresses.

Triangle face shape

A triangular face shape is tapered at the temples but broad across the jawline. To best balance the face, hairstyles should be short and soft wavy. These features can be masked with layers. The layers should end around the collarbone, cheekbones, and eyes. A straight bob cut will emphasize the jaw, but a choppy pixie cut will accentuate the widest part of the face.

If you have a triangular face shape, you will need a hairstyle that accents the lower part of the face. This shape benefits from bangs and fringe. Long hair that reaches the shoulders also looks good on a triangle shape. Some celebs with a triangular face shape include Dia Mirza and Konkana Sen Sharma. If you want to make sure your hairstyle matches your face shape, follow these tips!

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