Who Started Wicks Hairstyle?

Who Started Wicks Hairstyle?

The wicks hairstyle is an incredibly popular style that has its origins in the Afro-Caribbean community. It’s not surprising then, given that it’s a popular style among African men with natural dreadlocks. This style evolved from the deadlock style, which was popular among Afro naturals, but with the advent of temporal locs, more creative styles have emerged as well.

Hip-hop community

The hip-hop community started the wick hairstyle decades ago. Afro-Haitian and African Americans were the first to sport it. Later on, blacks started rocking it as part of their identity. Hip-hop artists like Kodak Black and Gunplay started wearing wicks as well. Nowadays, the wicks hairstyle is gaining popularity in mainstream black culture. Its popularity is not surprising since it traces its origins to the hip hop community.

The wicks hairstyle is considered a hip-hop classic and a trend among many free-spirited people. This style has its roots in the Afro-Caribbean community of South Florida and grew in popularity throughout the world with mainstream celebrities. It is a style that can be easily maintained at home. However, it is not for everyone. Because it is a complex hairstyle, it is best for people with thick and shiny hair.


The wicks hairstyle has been a popular style for African Americans and other people with Afro-Caribbean descent since its origins in South Florida. These hairstyles are very easy to maintain and can take up to ten months to achieve. They originated from the Afro-Haitian and Caribbean communities but have become popular with people of any race and ethnicity. In South Florida, the wicks hairstyle is most common among black and Afro-Caribbean populations, but now it has spread globally as a fashion statement.

Though the wicks hairstyle is not unique to Florida, many people still make them at home. You can do this yourself if you know how to do it, but if you’re not sure, you could always get professional help. It’s better to get someone with experience who knows how to make these hairstyles. While you can get the look done yourself at home, you can also get professional help from a hair stylist with the right tools.

Crochet needle method

The crochet needle method for wicks involves combining a traditional loc with a wick. The first step is to separate the sections of hair at the roots with elastic bands. Then, start crocheting around the section of hair. Eventually, the hair will fuse into a cylindrical shape and become a wick. The second step involves pulling the wick up and down using the crochet needle.

Before starting to crochet your wicks, make sure that your hair is clean and moisturized. Old or bleached hair is prone to breakage and damage. Young, healthy hair is more resilient and less prone to damage. The best hair for this method is freshly grown from the roots. Using a crochet needle to attach wicks is fast, simple, and requires little or no hair-dying time.

Rubber band method

The Rubber band method is one of the best ways to create a Wicks hairstyle with loose afro hair. This hairstyle requires grouping hair into sections, and applying rubber bands to the entire length of each section. It locks hair much faster than other methods, and works well for both thick and thin locs. Afterward, wash your hair to remove the rubber bands. This method will keep your hair healthy and smell fresh for the first three to four weeks.

The first step is to use a rubber band to section your hair. Place a rubber band at the root of each section and twist it. This will hold the wicks in place. Some people prefer fewer wicks, while others opt for longer strands. This method is not for beginners, so it is important to seek the help of a professional. The next step is to apply a wick extension.

Women’s hairstyles

The late nineteenth century brought a change in women’s hairstyles. Many women wore curly bangs, and their hair was often pulled up and bunged. It was also common for women to wear their hair loose between their shoulders. Portraitist Charles Dana Gibson created beautiful images of women in the early 1900s with volumous hair. These styles were very popular, but required care and maintenance. During this period, popular hairstyles included the victory roll, the pompadour, and the s-wave.

The hairstyle that suits you best is the one that enhances your features. If you are an older woman, you should opt for a short hairstyle that accentuates your natural beauty. A pixie cut or a crew cut will look fabulous, and it will detract from the problem areas of your face. A short cut with a few layers will add height and volume to your hair. A medium-length style will also make your hairstyle look more glamorous.

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