Which Hairstyle Suits Me Male?

Which Hairstyle Suits Me Male?

Depending on your facial shape, you might be wondering which hairstyle is right for you. You can use the advice of celebrity stylists, including St. Jean. The celebrity hairstylist Melissa Dezarate has a wide range of celebrity clients from the East and West coasts. By following her advice, you can find the perfect hairstyle for your face shape. Read on to learn more. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the best choices for men with round and oval faces.

Round face hairstyles

Pompadour haircuts look great on men with round faces. It can be quite elaborate or simple. In either case, you’ll have long hair brushed back, creating the pompadour look. This style requires plenty of length and a good amount of volume in the top. It also complements a tidy beard. Here are a few tips to achieve a neat and stylish pompadour.

First, think about your hair texture and shape. If you have thick, coarse hair, you may have a harder time achieving the look you’re after. Thin or thinning areas can also affect the way your hair lies. In addition, the style should also be appropriate for your facial structure and hair texture. The following are some of the most common round face hairstyles for males. Just be sure to talk to your stylist to find the best haircut for your face shape.

A high fade is a popular choice for men with round faces. The hairstyle begins near the temples and drops toward the back. The hairstyle is versatile, and can be worn dressed up or down. In addition, men with round faces are best served by medium length hairstyles. A medium-length hairstyle that starts around the temples can be both sleek and versatile. It will make your face look longer.

Oval face hairstyles

There are numerous hairstyles to suit an oval face. Whether you have long or short hair, there’s a style for you. A curly, relaxed hairstyle is perfect for a man with an oval face. Men with curly or wavy hair should choose this hairstyle because it is easy to maintain and looks natural. The following are some styles to consider if you have an oval face.

The layered cut is a good choice for a man with an oval face. The layered cut has long hair on the top and short sides. The layered look is easy to maintain and is perfect for guys with long hair. Short layers and spikes are also great for a man with an oval face. A man bun is another great hairstyle that suits men with an oval face. These styles are very popular with men with long hair.

The classic crew cut is another good option for a man with an oval face. It has a natural, easy-breezy look and will look great with an oval-shaped shirt and pants. This type of style is perfect for casual, semi-formal, or formal settings. You can even wear it for an upcoming semi-formal occasion. Moreover, men with oval face shapes can also try this style with a beard.

Oblong face hairstyles

For a stylish, unique style, try a male oblong face hairstyle. This unique face shape works well for a variety of different hairstyles. For this shape, a short side-parted style is ideal. Alternatively, a light pompadour can be a great choice. While the style may be considered vintage and old-fashioned, it can still look modern and fashionable if mixed with the right products.

Male oblong face hairstyles are not only flattering, but are easy to maintain. The first step is conditioning. Using conditioner will help the hairstyle retain its elasticity and prevent breakage. After this, apply a styling cream to prevent tangles. It is also essential to apply a detangling leave-in conditioner before braiding. This will ensure that the ends are completely tangle-free.

The second step is to choose the right length. Ideally, the length of the hair should be about the same length as the width of the face. A short, blunt fringe style is an excellent choice if you are trying to achieve the right balance. A short, classic hairstyle will look perfect on an oblong face. When choosing a male oblong face hairstyle, you should also consider how the shape of the head will affect the overall look of the style.

The best hairstyles for an oblong face are those that fall between shoulder length and hip length. A short top and a long side can elongate the face and add width to the profile. A bob cut is also a good option if you are trying to keep the overall length of the hair short. And if you want to make a bold statement, you should opt for a beard.

Triangular face hairstyles

Triangular face hairstyles are great for enhancing masculinity. They can be worn with a chin length fringe or a full bang. Both of these options add width to the top portion of the face, balancing the wide jaw. To give the hairstyle an even wider appeal, choose hairstyles with hefty layers and lots of texture. A triangle face can also look great with a short cut, but long hair with bangs is best.

Choosing the right style for this shape is essential. Hairstyles with heavy bangs tend to make the face appear shorter and wider. Short layered sides also make the jawline look wider and deeper. For this shape, you should avoid styles that use a side parting or a 5 o’clock shadow, as this will accentuate the jawline and narrow the forehead. However, if you can’t find one that suits your face shape, you can always add some layers.

If you’re feeling sexy and confident, you can try a low chignon with a slick side-swept bang. This style will enhance your personality and give you an air of sophistication. You can also wear a pixie with bangs laid towards your forehead for an edgy, perky look. A side-swept bang will add extra volume to the hair and make you look sexy.

Slicked back hairstyles

Slicked back hairstyles are a great choice for males who want to look polished and professional without too much effort. A slicked back hairstyle requires the use of a high-hold hair product and should be brushed out of the face as the hair is left tangle-free. For thick or coarse hair, you may need to use additional hold product and blow dry the hair away from the face. Once dry, comb back the hair, applying extra styling product and finishing it with hairspray. You should avoid touching the hairstyle during the day, as the look will deteriorate with age.

There are several different types of slicked back hairstyles for men. Slick back haircuts come in different forms and can be worn as an undercut, side part, or side part. While the sides are trimmed short, the top is slicked back giving off a laid-back vibe. Another slicked back hairstyle is the classic ducktail, though today’s version is defined. For a modern slick back ducktail, choose a low fade slick back ducktail.

Slicked back hairstyles suit male gents with a square or oval face. A proportionate, angular cut is best for oval or round faces. If you’re wearing a slick back style with an angular part, consider a method that combs the hair onto the face. You can also opt for a beard with this look to make the style more attractive and masculine.


A mohawk is a unique hairstyle with long-lasting appeal. Its uniqueness and boldness have made it a popular choice for rockers and punks. However, it has evolved over the years, becoming more suitable for everyday wear and for more formal settings. This article looks at how to make a mohawk work for you and what you should avoid. The basic styling of a mohawk is to make it look as if it’s growing out of your head.

A Mohawk can be a short or long hairstyle. The long version is the most common. It strikes the perfect balance between being trendy and classy. In addition, you can go for a mid to low fade, which will give the mohawk a gradation and give you a youthful look. Once you’ve gotten used to the long version, you can experiment with different styles and colors. If you want to try a different one in the future, you should choose a semi-permanent color, which will allow you to make changes easily in the future.

If you’re in the market for a new hairstyle, the Mohawk is a versatile choice. It’s a bold style that can look great on just about any male. A fanned mohawk, on the other hand, requires a longer hair strip and thicker spikes. When you’re ready to try one, make sure that you use a good hold product. You’ll be glad you did.

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